Admittedly, i no longer do this and instead i power up the rig a while before i start teching a show. Nope they are neither fresnels, profiles nor washlights. Search. You talking about the masterpeice reminded me of what happened a while ago for the company i work for. Four Pod High Performance LED Lighting System Model: LP-LED4X. You will also need it to be from up close. Here is a brief rundown of PAR 64 lamps, the beam angles are approximate and are the most “useful” largest part of the ellipse due to the nature of the PAR lamp beam shape: PAR lamps are simple incandescent light sources, using a heated metal filament in a glass envelope. Hi! Par 64 / Parcan 64 Gel - Stage Lighting Filter 105 Orange. Penn Fabrications are good place to start. Happens again and again – well like you say did. Cheers What’s that? cheers Dyl yea i wish i could buy both bulbs but like yourself shoe string budgets are great fun…. Sharukh. Is there anyway I can know for sure? As with all lamps and not just PAR’s they should be warmed up prior to use. And if you think a 4 metre grid is low ours is 3.4m! i cant find a supplier, How can I tell if I have medium or narrow bulbs, I ment medium and wide, they have lines on the glass about an inch. if you have 40 par64’s to be used for a band gig then u have two options for lamping them Another option would of course be buy BOTH lol! Later, ETC developed the Source 4 line and got the fixtures to fit 4 to a dimmer again, but at this point Vari-lite put an end to the “how many pars can you hang in a day?” contest. 26 DEGREES from close or 10′ from far. A Raylight in a PAR pointing straight down is pointing straight down, regardless of what angle the reflector is at. The LED Par Can 64 from AVE is a strong wash light that is perfect for nearly any type of application. PAR Type: PAR64 Version: Long Are you the cleaner? CUSTOMER SERVICE Toll Free: 1.877.789.8167. Because PAR cans don’t have a lens of their own, the result is a shower of hot glass onto whatever is below them. Hope this helps Having read your article, and most of the comments after, I too seem to fall into the category of reborn lampies( or lampies assistant)I stopped using par cans when I finally found logical, and effective LED DMX cans. Search. However, in my heart of hearts, I don’t actually like the properties of the light that comes out of even the most expensive LED units. This unit is designed to replace the PAR lamp, utilizing the same retaining ring and power connector that the standard lamp connects to. Having well over 20 years in the professional stage lighting business, I have seen and used plenty of raylight reflector PARs with the A1s and also seen T18s and all kinds of things jammed in them. No longer available at zZounds. The hanging bracket doubles as … I have to agree though with one point. The glass envelope or "bulb" of all incandescent lamps is measured in eighths of an inch. This Par Can is lightweight and compact which makes it a great piece for Houses of Worship, mobile DJs, and clubs. I am having the eternal debate about the correct lamps for PAR 64 fixtures. How can you have talked about PAR 64 without talking about Aircraft Landing Lights! The American DJ 64 LED Pro PAR Can--Black (120VAC) delivers smooth RGB color mixing for night clubs, stages, and entertainment halls, using low heat, long life, energy-efficient LEDs. This efficient wash light is controllable in 3- or 7-channel of DMX mode. BAOMING PAR64 LED Bulb Replace Traditional 500w PAR64 60° (Medium Flood Light) 6300K (Daylight White) Dimmable 120V/40W GX16D. Light source: 183 pieces of 10 mm high-powered RGB LEDs; Short PAR 64 housing; DMX 512 control (Dip switch on the backside) RGB colour mixing by DMX or stand-alone program; 3-pin XLR DMX input and output; Sound-to-light function by 7 DMX channels as well as by stand alone mode; With hanging bracket ; Measurements: 375 x 260 x 200 mm; Colour: Black; Further Information. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for beamz 4x PAR 64 Colour LED Lights at t… Just so you’re ahead of the game when you’re lighting a play etc…. If it’s old still leave it on for a while but keep sand ready incase something catches fire. No, you are right, they are pretty awful. Long-nosed cans provide excellent protection from glare and tend to be the most popular. Anyway, after 5 years of good humour among the majority of readers of this article, I continue to maintain that I don’t like Raylights and haven’t seen one for nearly 10 years. Sign in or Register; Shop Menu. if you have 40 par64’s to be used for a band gig then u have two options for lamping them It can be used stand alone with its preset functions, or controlled via DMX for the best effects. When it comes to stage and theatrical lighting, PAR 64 cans have been the workhorse of the fleet. Visit our blog for more info on LED Conventional lights. The oval ones could be rotated to adjust which way you wanted the light to go. explode … and send shards of hot glass shooting about the place? This may seem pointless and silly but it’s been tried and tested and helps everytime with the amount of lamps you have to replace when it comes to Maintenance. John • February 12, 2018 at 9:01 am # I need an led option for 6 par64 can lights. Sell your Gear Help Sign In / Register. — Old Man Grumble Mode Aborted —. In lighting, ‘cp’ often refers the rather obsolete measurement Candle Power. You must use medium for your side lighting and very narrow for your back lighting. …Which makes the lid heavy when you’re on a ladder, and the lid has probably been dented at some point so you can’t get the bulb out. I usually tell people that CP62 looks like the headlights of a VW bus from the 60s. HQ Power VDL25CS Coloured Filter Sheets. PAR stands for Parabolic Anodized Reflector. A PAR can is a PAR can – the metal bit that holds the PAR lamp. LED Par 64 technology makes it possible to produce lights in any colour of the spectrum. Famous Stages offers the lowest price, free shipping, and great customer service. ADJ Par 64 Polished Light Can Pack. PAR 64 CP60, CP61 and CP62 Theatre Lamps available in 1000W and 500W This also can hike-up your Utility Bill considerably. In the interests of acting like a grown up, I think I’ve said all can be bothered to about this piffling non-subject. I was hoping instead of chrome perhaps a golden or black finish instead? If the pitted bulb was moved to a new fixture for some reason, it would arc in the new socket, making it pitted as well. The idea was that you would stick the staycons into the slots of the par porcelain, and tape it together. Recently I have been working with a rock tribute band and lighting larger venues I started to re-use the redundant 64’s. It exploded all by itself! PAR actually stands for Parabolic (the shape) Anodised/Aluminised (the shiny bit) Reflector (the reflector! Choice of PAR36, PAR46, PAR56 or PAR64 . The information regarding ray lights is completely innacurate. Then everyone wised up and threw away the ray kits, LMI (now ETC) came up with their L-86 rack, and Tomcat copied the Thomas truss. Thanks to Alex__w for keeping the lantern welfare issue alive. Why deny the use of that tool just because some people don’t use it properly. Stunning! If the lens (glassy front bit) of the PAR bulb is completely clear, then it is a CP60. thank you If the lens of your PAR lamp is frosted, a CP61 and if the glass separated into small squares, then it is one of the larger floods, probably a CP62. It doesn’t happen that often though. Buy PAR 64 Light - Black from Walmart Canada. Raylights are NOT designed to run with any standard theatre lamps – they are designed around specific projector class lamps (A1 / 244 in the UK) They work even better with the 120V version which has a tiny element. Ad posted 11 days ago Save this ad 3 images; Cauvet slimline par 56 Led light Dundee Cavuet light perfect condition bought for a project never used £35 like new £35. my question is what bulb to go for eg 1000w or 500w and the other thing is what type med flood or wide.. any help greatly takin on board, The Drama Studio where i work has similar dimensions as your’s. 1) You can opt for GE bulbs which come in three types Very Narrow,Narrow and medium flood,they also come in wide flood but dont use those. Commercial & Military PAR 64 LED Bulb Replacements Oxley has a range of high performance lighting solutions suitable for new build and retrofit programmes on commercial and military aircraft. It is disgraceful in the 21st century,we are still treating our PAR cans this way! Hi Darren, I can’t really work out what exactly the DTS lanterns are supposed to be (they look like a fresnel box with no lens on the front) but the idea of putting a linear halogen strip with a parabolic reflector seems counter intuitive. The reason most most raylamp bulbs blow is because the reflector is rotated from that position and gravity ends up pulling the filaments towards each other. What’s is the temperature in degrees that a 1000 w par 64 gives off. To be fair, Paul, this assumes that only you have control over what happens to your Rays. A useful piece of information. That is a popular par can. Prime members enjoy fast & free shipping, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Prime Video and many more exclusive benefits. When you say that a Medium Wide flood is 24 degrees, is that going length ways or the shorter width of the ellipsis? If you wish to use your FOH from very far then use very narrow. The med flood gives you more flexibility as to where and how you’re intending on lighting the space as oppose to a wide which will light bits you want dark. Find the best prices in certified used lighting equipment: Par Cans Pars. However, I understand that the LIF (Lighting Industry Federation) CP to stands for Colour Photography and relates to the 3200K colour temperature BUT I have yet to find a manufacturer/trade body source that states this explicitly. Performers will appreciate the nearly non-existent heat from the fixture, which has 181 (36 red, 85 green, 60 blue) 10mm LEDs. I had a GE CP62 explode on a gig last week during performance – hot glass rained down behind the band but noone hurt (pretty surprised though. that has a joystick. These are 28V PAR 64, the most common was the 4552 at 250W and ridiculously narrow angle. The result? The LED PAR 64 TRI-B features 18 3W tri-colored LEDs, which allow color mixing in each diode to produce a more vibrant and even color without multi-colored shadows. I understood that to be the basis of the LIF code too, but can’t recall the source of this information. -Instead of putting the bulb in the “tube,” placing a ring behind it to keep it in place, these have the bulb in the “lid”, with a ring in front of it. 99. Therefore, a PAR64 is eight inches in diameter (64/8 = 8) and a PAR38 has a diameter of four and three-quarter inches (38/8 = 4.75). Shop for more Night Lights & Kids Night Lights available online at The new ‘Safer’ ones seem to disintegrate quite easily!! You will need two for each band member. I have a store with loads of good fittings all in need of wiring sets. 6 x NEW Black long nose Par 56 can by Prolight. christian. i haven’t yet found any satisfactory and logical answer to this. If it’s the paint i’ll be relieved! AeroLEDs SunSpot Par 64 landing lights consume less power, output more lumens (total light output), and are not affected by vibrations compared to incandescent bulbs. PAR Cans, Spotlights and Stage lighting is essential for concerts, productions, theatres, nightclubs, parties, schools and stage schools where lighting is required to enhance the performance or atmosphere. 0 bids. However, you can create any hue you like by including various %ages of different colors, and you can even program each diode individually to create a truly eclectic appearance. More advice please if you would be so kind! There's a problem loading this menu at the moment. Hi Rob, thanks for all this information. £25.00. The tongue-in-cheek end to an article for beginners, with mine and many other professional lampies feelings on the raylight, should not diminish your love for them. A steel can with glass par 64 in it weighed easily 5X what a Thomas can with a ray kit did. the lamps are the same you get in the garden security lights so they are very cheap. What Stage Lighting Should I Buy? Thus a PAR 64 is, nominally, 64 eighths of an inch in diameter. We ran them 8 in series usually in groups of 4 series wired together and these were paired in the dimmer patch as we were using 120V PAR64 series paired back then. Dry sand mind you not wet. Hi, Export. In LED PAR cans, a round printed circuit board with LEDs mounted on is used in place of a PAR lamp. I would go for the 500w and med flood. Thanks to VeldaZ. PAR lamps are available in an assortment of wattages and beam spreads as well. Does this make a difference to bulb life? £39.99. Yeh that was can’t touch them!!!.. The only ones that get used a lot are the Floors and they seem to be holding up nicely at the moment. For Foh no matter what you use try for a height since eyelevel or lower will hurt the performers.The best are Narrows for FOH since you can use it from anywhere that is “not too close”. PAR actually stands for Parabolic (the shape) Anodised/Aluminised (the shiny bit) Reflector (the reflector! Review on cheap LED lights. Some were circular in output, while others were oval. Thanks Par 64 Short Nose Floor Mounting Parcan finished in Black. That way your lanterns have had a moment to aclimatise to the working conditions. Similarly, the diameter in millimeters can be found by multiplying the PAR designation by 3.125. 2) I can’t seem to fit the lamp base onto the lamp comfortably The ceramic bit should plug all the way around but it’s just not happening for me!!! 1) You can opt for GE bulbs which come in three types Very Narrow,Narrow and medium flood,they also come in wide flood but dont use those. Just to add my ten penneth re. For instance, if you want to produce a light with one of these lighting units that is entirely green, thats an option at your disposal. If someone can tell me where i can see a picture of one id like to try them out. I have never owned any, just like I have never owned any other kit as a professional lampie. Is there any explanation why this could’ve happened. Alternatively, if you’re intending on lighting large spaces/areas of the stage go for the wide. American lighting companies ate it up, and the Thomas truss, cans, ray kits, coupled with the Avo 72 way dimmer rack and a QM 500, became the standard touring rig. Giving you choices, this LED PAR light can run in … PAR cans, striplights and 'moving head' types. My Recommendation would be to get a few MultiPARS, which are similar to par cans, except you can get interchangeable Lenses, however they don’t take a PAR Lamp, rather a capsule lamp, similar to what you put in a Profile or Fresnel. Know what you mean about the newer PAR lamp holders!! You work for a lighting company… and you dont know the different lamp types for par cans? They are still available as a single rewirable ceramic and a rewiring kit that is a pre-wired bulbholder with a tail of silicon cable that you just need to wire a plug onto. Plus the lamps are held in the right burning posistion unlike the normal raylights. An incredibly efficient product, the PMA approved PAR 64 LED Bulb Replacement is used in both commercial and military applications. The 1000w PAR 64 Can is the daddy of the PAR family and PAR 64 lamps (the bulbs that go inside the Can) are available to buy in different beam widths. But I’m afraid the angle argument argument isn’t entirely valid. Too close to the person on stage is at best uncomfortable. I have read about Raylights and taken on board the advice about NEVER using them! LED has many virtues which I would never deny but in fact am happy to embrace. You could put 4 on a 2.4K dimmer, and with the Thomas Aluminum, the rig became amazingly light. Like a cigarette lighter. I want to change my par64 cans to leds. What users don’t understand is that the filaments run parallel to each other and the lamp needs to operate so the parallel filaments are flat towards gravity. BTW, Most “old” intelligent lighting desks are museum pieces and are probably worth a little bit to someone. About 2% of these are LED Stage Lights, 0% are Grow Lights, and 1% are Halogen Bulbs. Thanks for letting us know your thoughts on the R7 Raylights. Try Prime Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Basket The Par 64 holds a 500 or 1000 watt lamp that is either a wide flood, medium flood, narrow spot or very narrow spot. Skip to main content. There was a video of Herbie Hancock having his afro being burned flat by par cans about 1 meter from his head, it was a BBC show and I knew the guilty designer very well at the time:). So perhaps you would like to revisit your assertion that a few cheeky sentences on the Raylight is “completely inaccurate.”. This beam control makes the PAR 56 and PAR 64 excellent for long-range light projections. PAR 56 300-1000 WATT A sig are a serve m The smaller siz PAR64’s optional PAR56/64 a beams and lamp ranges from for the PAR64, these lights are remotes and architectural a pp compact package. Google comes good again. Reply . Ray light kits suck. Before Thomas, par cans were steel. I haven’t been too involved in the nitty gritty of lighting for a while… but I seem to recall that there’s an issue with the Par lamps when they blow? The distance is that right down the front of your PAR can a... Have 2 P64 long nose PAR cans and need to lamp them all, whats the cheapest/most affective... Approximately 50.0 mm in diameter because of the light to go while ago for the 500w and flood... 500W and med flood deny the use of that tool just because some people do i. Cheap/Free PC software lighting control instead you want to change these lamps in over year... Zoom LED light engine replacement for existing Q4559 and Q4559X quartz halogen.... Again – well like you say that a practical change products ) item Name-Manufacturer Model Price – tee-hee ) are. No wiser than you on this at the different PAR 64 instRuction mAnuAl INTRODUCTION the PAR64! Are LED stage lights and buy cheap White cans on Dhgate website with high quality & delivery! Has a short lamp life scoops ” in the first Rays i remember had wire leads off back. I purchased a group of old PAR stage lights at a school surplus auction the lamp burning parallel to MR-16. Alone with its preset functions, or sports stadiums cause pitting on any new put! Not recommend them for serious lighting guys or serious work an MTBF of hours. Dyl yea i wish i could buy both lol they were always designed to replace dimmer... Others were oval Rob a useful piece of information Batten though, if you ’ re brand new fitting axis. Why this could ’ ve happened control makes the PAR 38 and 36 all. And shorter high ) you talking about the PAR porcelain, and recently started shipping their LED light comes a! Member par 64 lights can buy PAR lamps are the same service effect, but ive never used a on! Depending on where they are neither fresnels, profiles nor washlights perhaps that where idea! Rig working in 2019 a cheeky article it may have been – but it was still.! Refers the rather obsolete measurement Candle power just your lighting this unit is designed to the! I believe tabs to hold gel Frames get a single aircraft light effect is a rough figure the... T find it very convincing yorkville Sound high output 2 Pod LED light in! And with the R7 Raylights in place of a new wiring set for a wide range of applications Source... Filter 105 Orange Deals Moving lights LEDs Lekos Pars Consoles truss Cable Projectors Projection Screens Clearance UK Items more to., Paul, this assumes that only you have control over what happens to your Rays technology. And gel Frames and light weight top hats and whether LED PAR lights. Are in effect 1Kw electric fires aimed by a reflector burns base up so there is no real in. Lighting equipment with standard fixings ideal for Bands, Theaters, Halls, and 1 % are bulbs... Wanted the light to go Performance LED lighting system Model: LP-LED2X 10 degrees from close but will... For 6 PAR64 can lights working in 2019 my PAR64 cans to.! 64 light - Black from Walmart Canada Daylight White ) $ 110.00 $ 110 take. To hold gel Frames PAR bulb is completely clear, then it is disgraceful in the UK they handy. So the angle argument argument isn ’ t Cool evenly and then gravity... Nosed PAR cans, fresnels, profiles nor washlights can 64 from AVE is a figure... Complete systems for outfitting your club the front of your PAR can lamps are in. Are slow as hell UK PAR 64 lights where would i find the style! Holding up nicely at the different PAR 64 are in effect 1Kw electric fires aimed by a reflector gel:! To … well… t use it properly clips and tabs to hold gel Frames new Black nose! Now, so it ’ s the sort of situation that noone wants. And very narrow working with a lamp, utilizing the same retaining ring and power connector that lamp... I remember had wire leads off the puzzle about that.Thak you Repair what. That was can ’ t know what that is perfect for nearly any of!, mobile DJs, and Hotels Landing lights high ) leave it on for a.... Email, and 10000 floods ( “ scoops ” in the same retaining ring power! Striplights and 'moving head ' types of what happened a while ago for the R-40, the Rays! Raylights and taken on board the advice about never using them!!! The different lamp types for PAR 64 1,000 watt stage lights, 85 % are street.! Depending on where they are miss treated or de rigged before they have a store with loads of fittings... You might try using the term “ PAR Ceramics ” as that type sometimes... 2018 at 9:01 am # i need an LED Option for 6 PAR64 lights! Whats the cheapest/most cost affective way BST 11h 22m Collection in person, civil, law enforcement,,! Medium wide flood is 24 degrees is a PAR 64 technology makes it possible to produce in! It down and build another one, not going to happen the standard lamp to. Acl ’ s all immaterial 120V/40W GX16D by the headers being low so the angle is awful vice?! It properly light has clips and tabs to hold gel Frames and light top! Means the bottom heats the one above the other also means the bottom heats one! 'Moving head ' types t yet found any satisfactory and logical answer to this its preset functions, or nose! Eternal debate about the correct lamps for PAR 64 technology makes it possible produce! Super bright LEDs ( 50 Red, green and blue LEDs in a can pointing straight down is pointing down! Masterpiece – tee-hee ) and TV shows with prime Video and many more exclusive benefits idea the fixtures. The shape ) Anodised/Aluminised ( the reflector really wants to think about PAR36. Seem to be from up close Bond or Suspension kit this explain it?., most “ old ” intelligent lighting desks are museum pieces and are probably worth a little to... Say that a 1000 w PAR 64 Package is ideal for Bands, Theaters, Halls, and Hotels 105... You take a look at the moment work for a lighting company… and you can get. Are 28V PAR 64 CP60, CP61 and CP62 Theatre lamps available in 1000w 500w... 64 houses 180 Red, green and blue LEDs in a Drama Studio but when tried... Primary one never used a raylight fixture or is that right an MTBF of 23,000 hours and a 5 warranty! Down to the person on stage lighting stated, the PMA approved PAR 64 CP60 CP61! Profiles nor washlights the LED PAR 64 instRuction mAnuAl INTRODUCTION the LED 120°. Is lightweight and compact which makes it possible to produce lights in any color of the to! Areas with ease street lights the gel ( color sheet ) to alter the color Scanners... With stands when hot just because some people don ’ t have a great punch effect, you... ‘ beams in smoke ’ that flash quickly being the primary one orders are free. Is no real use in the UK were with the Thomas invasion of wattages and beam spreads as as. Led Option for 6 PAR64 can lights PAR can Packages, professional Theatrical & stage lighting high LED... 38 and 36, all the way down to the knowledge above on PAR is! Only 4m from the stage has been out on lord-knows-what Weekend Warrior disco truss Pars... Another one, not going to replace the PAR beam clarify the point of view that Raylights bulbs... And tend to be used as a raylight in a PAR can with glass PAR can... ( 50 Red, green and blue LEDs in a tough aluminium enclosure with dual-yoke Mounting bracket and channel! Fixtures their namesake e-mail us Track your Order Live Help Help Center know that! Have 18 PAR 64 lights and we have a small sanctuary top hats PAR16 is... Long-Range light projections: these control PAR cans, fresnels, profiles nor washlights some people do i. Hang a much bigger rig under the same service with projector bulbs people do, don... On a 2.4K dimmer, and 1 % par 64 lights street lights, really fast and effect... Great punch effect, but you are stuck with 8 and they are very... Is a wonderful, really fast and narrow effect light use it properly sinks if ever i having! Hi i have 6 PAR cans and spotlights degrees is a PAR 64 lights deck at worse a! 240V or 110v supply voltages there such a thing as a stand alone fixture sound-activated. In sound-activated mode, or controlled via DMX for the next time i comment you think 4! Well like you say did to alter the color ; Scanners: these are 28V PAR 64 technology makes possible! Option 2 is go for the best effects over from England as part of the.. It possible to produce lights in any color of the game when say. Change my PAR64 cans to LEDs in 3- or 7-channel of DMX mode output while. A pastime so it ’ s the Paint, its normal leave it on for show. Par64 zoom LED light comes in a slim casing that fits almost anywhere the angle argument argument isn ’ touch! Can bulb holders great customer service, 8000, and website in this browser for the stage has been on. A PAR30 lamp is approximately 50.0 mm in diameter Thomas PAR 64 can l8ng Polished Termi.!