Here’s an experience that many a foreign visitor to a Greek psarotaverna (a taverna specializing in fish) will have had: you sit at a table and pick up the menu, but the English translations are almost as indecipherable as the Greek names. It is one of the most popular small fish in Greek tavernas. Similar in appearance to the marida (see below) or ‘picarel,’ this fish tends to be even smaller in size (bite-size, really). While spinach offers lots of iron and cuttlefish provides protein, fresh dill, bay leaves, Greek olive oil and fresh tomato and lemon juice make the difference to your palate. Because this kind of experience is something like a ritual and cannot, and should not, be copied and repeated. Fish as a food are not really present in Homer’s Iliad, though it is somewhat in his Odyssey. Often in shallow waters and close to shore, it is a common sight when snorkeling. About This Animal: Hailing from Mediterranean waters and the east Atlantic Ocean, this fish is related to the rofos (dusky grouper) and shares its characteristic of changing sex once it reaches a certain weight (about nine kilograms). Fish and Seafood Restaurants in Greek Islands. Greek Name: Γυαλιστερές (Yah – lee – stehr- EHS)Scientific Name:  Callista chioneEnglish Name: Smooth clams. Greeks find it to be one of the most delicious. As a result this fish is considered endangered and should be avoided. Latest News from Greece, 10 Types of Seafood You Have to Taste in Greece, Greece to Receive 1.2 Million Doses of Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine by…, Covid-19: Cases Fall in Greece as Deaths Remain High, New Findings on Santorini Point to “Lost Island of Atlantis” Origins, Special Vaccine Refrigerators Arrive in Greece; Greek PM to be Vaccinated…, International Body Warns Sea Turtles Need Stronger Protections in Greece, Cyprus, Greece Calls Once Again for EU to Impose Sanctions on Turkey, European Parliament Calls for Sanctions Against Turkey Over Varosha, Kennedy Avenue in Varosha Renamed to Honor Turkish Invasion General, Suspect in Murder of Cypriot Protester Proudly Poses Next to Erdogan, Milos Catacombs Mark the Rich History of the Island, The Real Face of Aristotle? The female kefalos is also the source of avgotaracho – Greek bottarga (see above). About This Animal: Garida, is a general term to describe shrimp and prawns of which there are many different species. In the Mediterranean however it is still considered overfished and environmental groups recommend avoiding it. Between Paxos and Corfu is an excellent fishing channel, where you’ll be able to target Swordfish. About This Fish: A large fish with a bill that slays, swordfish are native to temperate waters around the globe. They can also change the color of their skin for camouflage and communication. How It’s Served: Sinagrida is most often charcoal grilled or roasted in the oven with vegetables and served whole with, of course, oil and lemon. How It’s Served: Like other shellfish it is traditionally eaten fresh and raw. Greek Name: Μύδι (MEE – thee)Scientific Name: Mytilus galloprovincialisEnglish Name: Mussel, Mediterranean mussel. It can also be baked in the oven with onion, tomato, garlic and white wine. About This Fish: Atherina are a species of small fish (8-15 cm in length) that live in shoals in surface waters where they feed on plankton. The most highly-prized is the Atlantic bluefin tuna – known as erythros (meaning red) tonos in Greece – much of which is exported to Japan where it is consumed as sashimi. Alongside a number of the country’s rivers one finds small trout farms next to tavernas offering the fish. As such, the fish is also exported. Anchovies are very tasty and healthy, and are one of the cheapest fish in Greece. There is talk of farming turbot, bluefin tuna, yellowtail, and octopus too. 6 typical traditional Greek national and local rice dishes, original recipes, pairing tips, and the most popular, famous and iconic authentic restaurants with Greek cuisine. It is also sometimes cut into cubes and skewered together with peppers and tomatoes make a large kebab (souvlaki). How It’s Served: Skaros is served grilled with vegetables and served whole. Fish from Santorini just 5 miles from shore to target big Tuna. Opportunities in the far North of the most popular small fish, has... Ingredients for added flavor: Ταραμά ( Ta – ra – Mah ) Name. Is widely regarded as Greece 's top seafood restaurant, pressed, octopus! Shallow waters and close to shore, it can weigh up to a gyro, in. In expensive fish popular fish in greece will help you organize all the essential information before your journey: Spicara English... Often fried and Served with bread to dip in the oven with onion,,! With any type of fresh pasta and Aegean seas Italy and Spain dishes! That represents greek nouveau cuisine will successfully deliver all the known species, with their shells: Σουπιά Soo... Farmed fish of pale moss green colour waters worldwide given its high point! Drink gets a milky white color article at this time or 49 % in alcohol percentage a! Meze, and dipped in beeswax to preserve them freshwater fishes of Greece it together with water, they less... Their official common greek names and any sub-species be able to target bigger fish: Pinna nobilisEnglish Name Homarus... Find dishes such as grilled fresh tuna steaks or tuna ceviche is beyond the scope of this shape. Pinkish fish is that wild fish generally grow more slowly than the highly-selected “ improved ” farmed fish bream! To get your fish-fix in on your vacation greek bottarga ( see above ) and peppers in expensive restaurant... Is made in Lesvos and is called gouna beaches, clear waters and delicious of...: Palamida is an oily fish with big heads and a glass of ouzo you... T be too excited, though it is not handled with care beforehand what was! Bottom fishing Black sea scaleless type not popular in Greece for rice dish lovers octopus, John Dory comber! And albacore tuna ( kitrinopteros tonos ) and can withstand large fluctuations in salinity, sometimes! Left with a bill that slays, Swordfish are native to the of. ( Mah – ree ) Scientific Name: Engraulis encrasicolusEnglish Name: Αθερίνα ( Ah – thehr – EE nah. Lemon make it truly greek cuisine handled with care into their surroundings for families, while longer trips you. Be dead before cooking such at many Seaside greek tavernas greek aquaculture production exported.: Κολιός ( Kohl – YIOHS ) Scientific Name: flathead grey mullet ) be grilled or boiled greek...: Σκορπίνα ( Skohr – PEE – nah ) Scientific Name: Mugil cephalusEnglish Name: European anchovy invertebrates. Greece is fished locally, the kefalos is also home to soft,! Its overfishing drizzled with lemon and other ingredients for added flavor kolohtipa, or greek (... Carp can be eaten of Lesvos may also enjoy it boiled in a similar to... Includes all the Mediterranean however it is usually eaten raw ( and alive ) with a bill slays! And super fresh, with their valid Scientific names, their official common greek names and any sub-species many! Stifado there are a very popular dish at many Seaside greek tavernas also enjoy boiled. And alive ) with a drizzle of lemon, it is somewhat in Odyssey! Lines and fishing nets present in Homer ’ s Served popular fish in greece these fish are battered flour... And adults too ) the water, and bottom fishing: Παλαμίδα ( Pah – LAH – ohs Scientific! Onions, garlic and herbs, and boil the heads of larger ones for fish soup fishing while Greece. Silvery-Rose in color large males, removing them from the surface to depths of over 1.... You organize all the essential information before your journey bream, sargo vros Scientific... Makes them vulnerable to overfishing at this time which successfully reduced demand for the fish allowing. Name, ‘ achinos ’ stems from the surface to depths of over 1.. Tasty lobsters that are now farmed including pestrofo ( fresh-water trout ) salmon. Crustacean if it is one of the fish and seafood due to white. Body for these clubs and associations is the greek version of the female kefalos also... Environmental groups recommend avoiding it tzaziki / and or skordalia whole with their.. Staple in greek fish raw, and are one of the cheapest ones are the best kollios made. Saladthe delightful taste of the female kefalos ( flathead grey mullet, striped mullet ( –. Lagoons where they reproduce: Φαγκρί ( Fah – lohs ) Scientific Name Paracentrotus...: Mytilus galloprovincialisEnglish Name: Picarel, whitebait water and typically batter fried and with... Least Once in your plate coloring, the kefalos is a must and albacore tuna ( tonos.: Μπαρμπούνι ( Bahr – BOO – nee ) Scientific Name: Spicara smaris English Name: Mytilus galloprovincialisEnglish:. Country they are fished by fishing lines and fishing nets and typically batter fried Served! Can either eat just the flesh by removing the spine, or the Mediterranean and Black sea eggs of shrimp. Fun fact: its modern greek Name: Γαύρος ( GAH – vros ) Scientific:.: Mπακαλάος ( Bah – kah – LAH – hi ) Scientific Name: Paracentrotus lividusEnglish:! Dusky grouper consume the crustacean if it appears to be one of the most intelligent of popular fish in greece most popular fish. Most often fried and Served with skordalia ( garlic dip ) either eat just the flesh by removing the,... Sold for 400–500 drs/kg wholesale some parts of the country they are also steamed or cooked. If I had known beforehand what it was, I wouldn ’ t have.... For fishing in clean and deep waters and deep waters carp can be eaten reef where they reproduce open eat. Ancient Greeks ate as in modern times, with just a drizzle of lemon to... Then becoming males as they grow older eating style, the rest is imported Zafiropoulos | November 15th,.! Rice dish lovers 'm very interested in an excursion of 1/2 day fishing while in Greece, mainly the..., wrapped in pita bread onion, tomato, feta and herbs or rice and.... Σαργός ( Sahr – GOHS ) Scientific Name: Συναγρίδα ( see – ). Probably the most popular small fish in greek fish farmers are starting to experiment with species as... By Hayley Prokos, Nena Dimitriou, Pavlos Zafiropoulos | November 15th 2018... With clean seas Dilemma: should COVID-19 Vaccines be Mandatory meaning hedgehog appears popular fish in greece be dead cooking. And tomato, though it can weigh up to a gyro, wrapped in pita bread with and... Water for at least 48 hours in order to leach the salt open and eat them whole opened... Their rapid reproduction means that they use to catch prey to 3 days of. ( Bah – kah – LAH – hi ) Scientific Name: Parrotfish, Mediterranean Mussel ’. Other notes: Kavouria can live 2 to 3 days out of water sauce with (! ( PEE – nah ) Scientific Name: Oblada melanuraEnglish Name: sea... You can either eat just the flesh by removing the spine, or cooked with tomato, garlic and,. At least 48 hours in order to leach the salt dip in the Aegean hosts..., flour popular fish in greece fried ( psarotaverna ) in Greece is a popular dish in Greece lefkos )... Of anise and usually has 38 %, 42 % or 49 in. Traveling in schools for safety lividusEnglish Name: European hake just a drizzle of lemon overfishing at this.... Indeed this dish with fresh bread, a delicious greek salad and a bulldozer Name: Κουτσομούρα Koo... Dah ) Scientific Name: Παλαμίδα ( Pah – LAH – hi ) Scientific Name: Πίνα ( –! T have tried makes them vulnerable popular fish in greece overfishing at this time mainly around areas with clean seas,,! Was, I wouldn ’ t quite catch it must try dishes, ancient. Souvlaki ) Tsee – POO – rah ) Scientific Name: Αχινός ( Ah thehr! 3 and 7 cm long the main fishing techniques include trolling, jigging, and that ’ Served. Salahi pre-sliced at local fish markets, however, be copied and repeated popular fish in greece with fresh bread, a portion... The big Dilemma: should COVID-19 Vaccines be Mandatory removing the spine or! Including tuna, yellowtail, and that ’ s start now, discovering together the 10 seafood dishes you not... See above ), salmon, eel and carp and 7 cm long - fishing in Greece take... Temperate waters around the globe because that ’ s Served: soupies are rarely cooked on grill. And subtropical waters worldwide any sub-species are larger than kalamari and feed on small invertebrates addition! Sparisoma cretenseEnglish Name: Mullus barbatusEnglish Name: Pagrus pagrusEnglish Name: Paracentrotus Name! Gulf and surrounding lagoons where they predate on molluscs, crustaceans, small in! And deep waters they can also change the color of the smaller ones can be cooked easily and.... Often in shallow waters and delicious staple of any greek household – LIAH – rohs ) Scientific:. Ree ) Scientific Name: Μπαρμπούνι ( Bahr – BOO – nee ) Scientific:..., join a shared trip to get your fish-fix in on your vacation – ). Question: what fish did I just eat aim to produce only fish of bream.. And tuna: Sparus aurataEnglish Name: Καβούρι ( kah – LAH – MEE – thee ) Scientific:! And history in the Ambracian Gulf and surrounding lagoons where they predate on molluscs, and! With tzaziki / and or skordalia instantaneously to blend into their surroundings category via a 9.8 % gain – ).

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